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Episode 8: Committing to YOUR weird brain in improv

Episode 8: Committing to YOUR weird brain in improv

We are neurodivergent, and we can bring our best to scenes in so many different ways. How to commit hard to YOU, and reject self-comparison to others.

We’ve all heard those sayings like “do not compare your chapter 1 to their chapter 6.” But that can be pretty hard to do. Especially when we get notes that relate to our brain wiring! Maybe we’re reading from, or writing, a completely different book.

It can be hard when our brains are so different in a word that’s constructed for a different (neurotypical) wiring altogether. And here we are up on a stage with everyone watching us. Yikes.

But… it’s possible to find our own way, with what we got, and succeed greatly. Yep, even in improv.

This episode talks about ways to commit hard to yourself, and what YOU bring to the table as a unique, neurodivergent, thinker. When can you let go and be yourself? When should you let go, commit hard, and break your hand on your desk in a meditation scene? (That feels specific Jen. Yes, it is, you. Learn more in the ep. SUSPENSE! Cheap ploy!)

And I also talk about the cases where our default wiring might not work how we’d like in improv scenes, and how to approach working around it (or otherwise adjusting) during the learning process.

There are Pros and Cons for EVERYTHING!

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Improv and Neurodiversity - Podcast & Articles
Neurodiversity and Improv
This is a podcast about learning and performing improv comedy. I’m starting with episodes about neurodiversity and improv. Discussions about how being neurodivergent affects scenework, performance, teaching and coaching, teams, and learning (being a neurodivergent improv student).
Topics cover a lot about the intersection of autism and ADHD and improv. This podcast is relevant to all improvisers though: if you aren’t one of us, you either teach or do improv with us!
Not for diagnosing, not for therapy: just for discussing, learning, and being inclusive. No excuses, just explanation.
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