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About Jen

Hello! I am a neurodivergent (AuDHD) improviser. Cognitive stuff and improv are both subjects I love thinking about, so I thought I’d talk about the intersection of those two things on this site/podcast.


Jen deHaan (she her) has taught and coached improv at World's Greatest Improv School (WGIS), Queen City Comedy, and Compass Improv. She was also the Online School Director of WGIS. Jen does improv shows and makes podcasts for small niche audiences such as "Neurodiversity & Improv" on Substack (this thing, here!) and the World's Nerdiest Improv Show that is delivered by video livestream and podcast.

Jen also runs Flat Improv, specializing in improvised comedy shows, podcasts, and performance.

In the before-times, Jen enjoyed teaching dance fitness and performing in semi-rural vaudeville/burlesque themed shows both of which took place on stages made of wood. Jen’s background is in software technology, education, and writing.

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These podcast episodes & written articles are about improv and neurodiversity (mostly autism & ADHD). Relevant to all improvisers of all neurotypes: if you aren’t neurodivergent, you either teach or do improv with us!


Improv shows & podcasts, dogs, gardening, vegan. Neurodivergent (AuDHD) improviser.