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Neurodiversity and Improv
Episode 10: Hyperphantasia, Visual Imagination & Improv

Episode 10: Hyperphantasia, Visual Imagination & Improv

Notice your skills in visual imagination and visual processing to make your scenes even better. You don't need hyperphantasia, either.

So in this episode you learn about the spectrum of visual imagination, from lots to none, and explore how you imagine visual details in improv. I cover what the spectrum of phantasia is, from hyperphantasia to aphantasia, then go into how it affects improv.

How you visually process details in a scene are not just important for exploring the environment, scene painting, or describing an object (the obvious parts). You can also use it to create characters or incorporate an emotion. Flash memory-ing an emotion involves phantasia! It affects a lot.

Can you improve your visual processing? Change where you are on the visual imagination spectrum? We’ll look at that kind of stuff too. I’ll give you some improv exercises to do to check out your own visual imagination.

Also apologies for using my space heater tonight half way through the recording. Oops. It cold! Removed most of the noise, but some artifacts remain. I’ll be cold next time or put on extra socks or something :)

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Improv and Neurodiversity - Podcast & Articles
Neurodiversity and Improv
This is a podcast about learning and performing improv comedy. I’m starting with episodes about neurodiversity and improv. Discussions about how being neurodivergent affects scenework, performance, teaching and coaching, teams, and learning (being a neurodivergent improv student).
Topics cover a lot about the intersection of autism and ADHD and improv. This podcast is relevant to all improvisers though: if you aren’t one of us, you either teach or do improv with us!
Not for diagnosing, not for therapy: just for discussing, learning, and being inclusive. No excuses, just explanation.
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