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Episode 11: Neurodivergent observation makes improv scenes better (ft. Isolation)

Episode 11: Neurodivergent observation makes improv scenes better (ft. Isolation)

We're excellent at observation due to our traits and The Neurodivergent Experience. Learn how to get even better at noticing details to level up skills like finding patterns & making connections.

I had A WEEK. So you’re getting AN EP that gets real.

So this week I experienced something related to last week’s episode (ep 10). I wrote all of the notes for an episode about finding the unusual thing as a neurodivergent improviser. But you’re getting that one next week, friend, because I’ve been thinking about this stuff instead.

And you know what happens when we get all focused on a subject. Well… this.

So this week I’m talking about how we observe small details, things many others don’t notice, particularly well due to our neurodivergent traits. It’s how we gather all those details, spew specifics, read our scene partners with aplomb, and care so much about what we know, do, and feel. And the world. It’s also how and WHY we see those patterns and make the connections so very well in life (and scenes).

I’ll talk about what neurodivergent traits and experiences we commonly have that make us so good at these things, and how you can work to enhance your observation to help make your scenes easier.

I’ll also get up on a soapbox to challenge the improv advice to “get out there and live life for your scenes!” for those details with my “yes, but”. Very different approaches in this regard are valuable and valid and equal and need to be noted.

Some of our experiences, like feeling socially isolated, are hard. I won’t minimize or toxic positivity them here. But they’re real, happen, it’s life, and we can utilize the pieces of data we get from these experiences in our improv practice.

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Improv and Neurodiversity - Podcast & Articles
Neurodiversity and Improv
This is a podcast about learning and performing improv comedy. I’m starting with episodes about neurodiversity and improv. Discussions about how being neurodivergent affects scenework, performance, teaching and coaching, teams, and learning (being a neurodivergent improv student).
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