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Neurodiversity and Improv
Episode 9: Masking and Improv - Being the voice of reason

Episode 9: Masking and Improv - Being the voice of reason

Have you had an issue being the voice of reason in scenes? Grounding a scene? This episode discusses what's "normal", weird, and how it can mess with our heads and scenes.

Masking is a common behaviour for autistic and/or ADHD people. It’s a trait that can be subconscious or conscious, and one we take on to suppress natural reactions, responses, physicality or expressions. This, of course, can affect how we position ourselves in scenes if we are trying to be the voice of reason and respond naturally and honestly.

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Masking can help us in improv, but also adds a challenge sometimes. With careful consideration, pondering, and a whole lot of processing I believe it can inevitably make us stronger improvisers. And maybe win improv?

This episode covers, in a mere 40 minutes of detail, the intersection of masking and playing the voice of reason in your scenes.

A future episode will infodump about our neurodivergent brains and the unusual… like identifying the unusual thing.

Refer to episode 6 for more info about neurodivergent masking and improv but instead about peas in a pod or character matching scenes:

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Improv and Neurodiversity - Podcast & Articles
Neurodiversity and Improv
This is a podcast about learning and performing improv comedy. I’m starting with episodes about neurodiversity and improv. Discussions about how being neurodivergent affects scenework, performance, teaching and coaching, teams, and learning (being a neurodivergent improv student).
Topics cover a lot about the intersection of autism and ADHD and improv. This podcast is relevant to all improvisers though: if you aren’t one of us, you either teach or do improv with us!
Not for diagnosing, not for therapy: just for discussing, learning, and being inclusive. No excuses, just explanation.
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